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Git X-Modules
Submodules — done right!

A better way to manage modular Git projects

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The only server-side solution with zero overhead to Git users

  • X-Module is a regular directory

    It’s synced on your Git server with an external repository

  • When an X-Module is updated

    the changes go to the external repository

  • When the external repository is updated

    the changes are applied to the X-Module

  • When there are two conflicting updates

    Git X-Modules applies one update and turns the other into a pull request

Cross-repository development made easy

  • Compose multiple repositories

    Build a monorepo by composing multiple Git repositories

  • Update repositories in a single push

    Push your changes to a monorepo to update multiple repositories at once

  • Create branches and tags

    Git X-Modules automatically syncs new refs in a monorepo with original repositories

  • Review code changes

    Reviewers can see all the related changes in one place with a single pull request

  • Accept pull requests

    Git X-Modules instantaneously applies the reviewed changes to the original repositories

Bitbucket Server App

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Command-line Tool

GitLab Plugin

Version 1.0.0β. Use with caution!

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